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Purpose of this Document
The purpose of Interactive Ads’s Privacy Policy is to specify exactly what information Interactive Ads is collecting from it’s users and how + why that data is being processed.
Users of Interactive Ads platform are required to grant Interactive Ads consent for the data gathering & processing activities specified in this document, due to the nature of lead generation software services Interactive Ads is providing.
Unfortunately without consent to proceed the users will be unable to utilise Interactive Ads’s services.
Interactive Ads will always log the granted consent (per email address being used by our visitors) for later auditing purposes.
You can at any time withdraw your data processing consent by contacting our Data Protection Officer via the contact details provided in this document. In such occasion please make sure you’re contacting us via the same email address you originally granted the consent with.
Please refer to our ‘Data Protection Policy’ + it’s appendix for more information about how Interactive Ads will be protecting your privacy, and who will be authorised to perform processing activities on the data related to you within our system. These documents are required to always be presented to you together, and you’ll be required to read through them before granting Interactive Ads consent for processing your data.
Interactive Ads honours it’s users privacy and never discloses nor sells the gathered information for 3rd parties.


What data do we collect & how is it utilised?
Personal data gathered varies slightly depending on the use case with which the data was collected from you. If you interacted with our customers’ chatbots, the following information can be collected from you:
1. Full name
2. Email address
3. Phone number
4. Answers to chatbot questions
5. Company name
6. Source of your lead (can be the HTTP referrer, or an ID of a specific page where you applied through)
If you register to our platform or connect with us by any other digital means, the data collected from you can slightly differ from the most popular use case specified above. The collection of personal data can be manually extended by the Company processing your data, in a form of labels and categories.
You will always be presented with our ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Data Protection Policy’ and the terms of our service, and will be required to grant Interactive Ads a consent for data gathering & processing, before any personal data will be collected and stored.
Personal data gathered will only be processed by the following parties:
1. Interactive Ads’s authorised personnel or direct contractors
2. Interactive Ads’s customer company’s authorised personnel
Interactive Ads platform requires every user processing the data to authenticate with their personal user credentials. Users will be further authorised via Interactive Ads platform’s members functionality that ensures that they will only be granted option to process data they’re explicitly authorised to.


Personal data can be processed for the following purposes:
1. By Interactive Ads to analyse the users of our service for providing more valuable functionality to companies utilising our platform to generate more leads
2. By Interactive Ads’s customer company that originally collected the information from you, to communicate with you
3. By Interactive Ads’s AI, for giving companies using our services insights into their analytics
Personal data is always company specific, and won’t be accessible by any other Interactive Ads customer company but the one that was associated when you voluntarily granted the consent for data gathering purposes and initially submitted the data into our system.
Interactive Ads will pseudonymise (make the data unidentifiable) if it’s used in more general or wide statistical purposes, to make sure your privacy won’t be threatened by such process.
Your personal data will be automatically erased or pseudonymised when the company that originally gathered the data is either no longer using our tools, or doesn’t need that particular piece of data in order to either measure or improve their lead generation process.


How & Where is the Data Stored?
All personal data is stored electronically, and will be physically stored within EU nations.
Our most commonly utilised data centre locations are in Finland, Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland.
All data processing is handled through industry best practise procedures and encrypted connections (TLS/HTTPS, SSH), more about this in the ‘Data Protection Policy’ document.
No data storing or processing happens outside of EU borders, without a prior consent of the data subjects.


Rights of the Data Subject
You have a legal right to either withdraw your data processing consent, or to object the processing of your personal data, at any time.
If you decide to not grant consent for processing your personal data, you unfortunately won’t be able to further utilise Interactive Ads’s services.
You can withdraw your earlier data processing consent by informing Interactive Ads’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) via the same email address you originally granted the consent with. You will receive an email confirmation after your data has been erased from our active system.
Interactive Ads honours your legal rights and privacy, and will inform you in beforehand via email if/when the contents of this document change.
If you have any questions regarding data processing at Interactive Ads Oy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
If you for some reason feel like your privacy has not been handled appropriately or lawfully, you can either contact Interactive Ads’s DPO, or directly file a complaint to the local supervising authority for further inspection.
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