Transforming Content Marketing Into

Interactive Content

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Interactive Ads helps you create
content marketing that has it all:

beauty and brains.


Create ongoing interactions with customers. Collect valuable insight and turn your monologs into dialogs.


Supercharge your content with conversions points and collect leads with few easy clicks.

The lead generation platform built for marketers, by marketers.

Peoples behaviour has changed. They’re tuning out traditional marketing tactics.

In order to attract customers, marketers have to provide them with something they will love, something they can engage with.


Powerful analytics

Interactive Ads collects valuable data of your audience, but automatically publishes all events to your Google Analytics account.



Collect leads, segment them in your CRM, and then dynamically engage with each one depending on their viewing behavior.


Marketing support

We don’t just offer software, we also have a team of marketing professionals helping you to create engaging content.

learn about your customers

knowledge is power

Be more involved in your customers buyer journey, help them make the right decisions through personalization and interactive content.


Interactive content unlocks much deeper insights about your audience, and Interactive Ads delivers them to you in the form of clearly visualized analytics and rich data.


Generate loads of new leads and build strong profiles on each one. Use your data to empower marketing automation, email personalization, sales teams or business intelligence.

Make your buyer journey interactive

It is known that 70% of the buyer journey is completed before sales is contacted. In other words, customers are in full control and want to serve themselves whenever convenient.

We believe it is important to adapt to this need. Interactive Content allows you act on-demand to guide, educate and entertain your customers when you are not there!

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